Wild Mushroom Identification Guides

Mushrooms are everywhere!  The more you understand about identifying mushrooms, the safer you can be.  To begin with, I would recommend never eating a wild mushroom unless you are confident in the fact that you have first properly identified it. The risks involved in getting this wrong could result in anything from stomach pains to fatal consequences.

Wild Mushrooms

Here in North East Pennsylvania, we get a healthy variety of nutritious edible mushrooms. From the most common such as Turkey Tail, Oyster & Hen Of The Woods all the way up to the most valued mushrooms like Chanterelles & Morels.  There are quite a few “false” or “toxic look-alike” out there which is why it is important to understand the risks and benefits to being able to properly identify and eat wild edible mushrooms.

Here are a few useful field guides and tools to help you stay safe out there.

My Cokey
Mother Nature Network Field Guide