Raspberry Pi Builds

For anybody who does not know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a single board computer.  A tiny, fully functional computer board that can be designed to do just about anything.  The Raspberry Pi 3B (which is the model I most often use and is the most available to purchase) comes with Wi-Fi, Wired Ethernet, 4usb ports, HDMI out, Audio out, micro sd slot.  Did I mention it is the size of a credit card?

There are many uses for theses tiny computers but some of the most common and easy to achieve are the RetroPi gaming emulator, a desktop pc, Kodi media players, home audio & video controllers.  There are also a number of awesome made cases you can purchase from Amazon.com or ebay.com. This gives you the ability to create whatever device you want and have it look like the device you want.

I have built up the first two projects which were by far the easiest to accomplish.  Both the RetroPi and the Desktop build used a Raspberry Pi 3B, Smraza 9-layer case, 3 heat-sinks, a Pi cooling fan, 2.5 amp USB power and HDMI cables.  The RetroPi build also requires the ourchase of a couple USB gaming controllers which can be had for around $10.00 USD for a 2 pack.  Obviously the desktop build needs a mouse and keyboard and I built it using Debian Stretch.