About Live Once Enjoy

Our Playground

We have a 17+ acre wooded playground to fulfill oll of lives dreams and creative minds.  With fresh water, raw acreage with some old growth as well as steep inclines and rocky ledges, it truly is an outdoor mans oasis.

What We’re All About

My goal is to encourage and help facilitate some of the most interesting science and social experiments in the hope to help better all of those involved and share and grow knowledge among the participants  that did not otherwise exist yet. I believe that everybody I know has a special skill set that can be useful in collaborative effort to make a fairly self sustainable community of hard working intellectuals and free minded individuals.

Meet the Team

As far as I am concerned, every reader and contributor of knowledge is a team member of this website.  A hopeful news magazine style site developed to help facilitate organized everyday things.


Kevin Hanlon

Founder & Lead Developer

The creator of old site liveoncenjoy.com and kjhanlon.com.