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Hanlon Homestead
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Jacobsen Super Chief 1450
I have been here for over a year without any kind of mechanical supplement to man-power. After over a year of manually pulling, lifting and dragging stuff around the property, the homestead finally ha...
December 7, 2016 Read More
The Evolution Of Fire
On a single day, in the middle of October, a friend came to visit me at the house. He wanted to light a fire in my steel fire pit that I have been using for the last year. As I picked up the steel b...
November 30, 2016 Read More
Weapons Of Choice: Wood Tools
This is a basic introduction to some very necessary tools of the trade for logging and wood harvesting. Echo CS400 Chainsaw Chainsaw: The chainsaw is probably my favorite and most used tool on ...
April 14, 2016 Read More
Latest Arrival: Lilo
A friend of mine rescued Lilo from the Lehigh Valley Humane Society in late January  Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was unable to keep Lilo and needed a good forever home for him.  Knowing tha...
April 9, 2016 Read More
Creekside Access & Cleanu
Since settling in here, one of my main priorities has been to clean up the access to the creek and the creek-side itself.  The first week on the property, I spent much of my outside time clearing maj...
April 8, 2016 Read More